Don't let your brilliant idea get dismissed because of faulty projections.
Let's face it, we're not born knowing how to build a pro-forma.
You were born to launch your idea. Here's how Ascend can help.

Eyes On

Not sure if your pro-forma is realistic?
Get an expert pair of eyes on your financial projections, budget,
and/or valuation, checking assumptions to suss out any missteps.

(2-3 Meetings)

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Pitch Prep

Is there a big hole where your financials should be?
We guide you through building financial projections and the trusted approaches to valuation
to communicate seamlessly with investors, justify your ownership stakes fairly,
and extend your runway.

(3-4 Meetings)

Fundraising Coaching

Not sure where to start?
We offer a comprehensive evaluation of your financial plan from bottom to top,
timeline to valuation, investment summary to return analysis,
so you can raise funds quickly and get back to launching your business.

(5-7 Meetings)