Putting financials behind your model is a matter of translation.
At Ascend, we speak the language of quant.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate financial communication and improve the flow of capital
by providing effective services that fully align with our clients' needs.

We're not equity partners

By not taking equity as payment for our services, we're not only incentivized to offer
the highest quality consulting to all of our clients,
we're choosing to rely on the caliber of our work to ensure our success.


We work with you to assess and polish the financial perspective of your business,
readying you for seamless conversations with investors
so you can get back to launching your idea.

Eyes On

An expert pair of eyes on your financial projections, budget, pro-formas,
and/or valuation, checking assumptions to suss out any missteps.

Pitch Prep

Guidance through building financial projections and trusted approaches to valuation
to communicate seamlessly with investors, justify your ownership stakes fairly,
and extend your runway.

Fundraising Coaching

Comprehensive evaluation of your financial plan from bottom to top,
timeline to valuation, investment summary to return analysis,
so you can raise funds quickly and get back to launching your business.

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